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Remedy and treatment for dry eyes

Remedy and treatment for dry eyes

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     It is common practice that we buy over the counter eye dryness drops, when we feel itchy, watery or have blurry eyes. This has become more common now with the unavoidable and persistent use of smart phones, computers and other electronic devices. Listing below some remedies and treatments for dry eyes and the steps to follow before buying eye drops and how to best preserve them and keep them sterile.

Common Causes of Blurred Vision

     Reasons for dry eyes 

     –Exposure to the computer screen for a prolonged time

     –Staring at the screen for long hours without blinking

     –Excessive reading or sewing

     –Traveling in a car or airline 

     –Air-conditioning at work

     Remedy for dry eyes

     –Over The Counter eye drops as suggested by doctor

     –Eye drops for dry eyes are safe to use if they are preservative-free

     –Dry eye drops can provide lubrication for your irritated eyes

     Things to look out for when buying OTC eye drops

     –Buy a single-use preservative-free eye drop

     –Lubricating eye-drops can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription

     –To be used not more than four times a day.

     –Tip of the eye drop bottle must not touch the eye for it can be contaminated

     –Keeping your eye drops sterile is important

     –Consult with your optometrist on the use of over-the-counter eye drops

     Before purchasing the eye drop

     –Make sure the bottle’s seal is intact during the purchase

     –Don’t use eye drops past the expiry date 

     Why you must consult with your doctor before buying OTC eye drop?

     –The preservatives may irritate your eyes, so always consult with your doctor

     –Any side effects experienced must be spoken out with your doctor

Treatments for dry eyes Thrissur

     If you feel that you have any underlying issues for your eyes and need proper treatment and care, visit Dr. Rani Menon’s Eye Clinic for the best of eye care services and treatments. Call 9846878222 for further queries or to book an appointment with us.



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