With Dr.K.K.Ramachandran, FRCS, joining us, we have the capability to treat problems relating to Urology as well.

Dr. K.K.Ramachandran sees patients with recurrent urinary infections and chronic urinary infections. He can examine the patients, call for investigations and treat them appropriately.

He is well versed with prostate problems.  He can clinically assess them and can start treatment medically.  He is adept at recognizing benign and malignant problems of prostate.

People with erectile dysfunction can be assessed clinically by Dr. K.K.Ramachandran and subsequently investigated.  Some of the problems are related to prostate and can be treated medically.  Various tests can be done in the clinical room itself.

Occurrence of stones in the abdominal system is very common.  Various forms of investigations are possible, including a 3D ultrasound scan.  These can be discussed with Dr. K.K.Ramachandran , including operative and non-operative.  Various causes of recurring stone diseases can also be investigated by Dr. K.K. Ramachandran.